Adapt or die?

The web changes constantly. What is cool and “hip” one day is “so yesterday” the next. Not every company is in need of the cutting edge, at all times. Your website doesn’t have to blow the minds away of everybody, it has to serve a purpose. It has the be the billboard that ultimately brings […]


The Truth about website development hours.

I often get asked to do projects based on time it takes to complete. I dislike these projects greatly because the client comes to me trying right off the bat to trick me into getting a better deal. These clients assume that if I give them a fixed rate based on hours estimated, that I will […]


QR Codes – What are they? How to use them effectively?

By now you have probably seen a QR Code or two. They float around in advertisements, stickers, and on the web. What are they? QR Code or Quick Response Code is a matrix barcode that is readable by QR readers. Most smartphones can now read them or APPs are readily available. The code consists of […]

Mobile Websites: Shopping Carts and E-Commerce

Some of you have may read my first two posts regarding mobile website design, it is a trend that can help a business greatly with their conversion rates. Having a mobile website could be the deciding factor in a client’s decision to spend money at your establishment. I have talked about the best ways to […]

How to tell if someone is using mobile

UPDATE: I have created a new article talking about the mobile website development process, and how you can easily create a mobile site on my personal blog. Read it Here Part II to my Mobile Website entries. A lot of people are asking me if it is worth it for them to really create something for mobile […]

How to really use Social Media Marketing

I have been in Website Design and Internet Marketing for many years now. Through the years many ideas have changed, as new features are released, new tools come out, it is easy to get lost in what to use, and how to use it all. Marketing, in a nutshell, is the process to gain leads. […]

The Mobile Website Dilemma, is it worth it?

The big question today seems to be “Should I create a website for the mobile user?” It is not something that you can ignore. The percent of users that are on mobile browsers are on the rise, from cell phones to tablets, people want their information to-go. So where does that leave you trying to […]

Guava doesn’t do Cookie Cutter

There are many website designers, website design teams, firms, and companies. You can go from hiring a student to a full fledged company. When on a tight budget, there is a common denominator across all of them though, cookie-cutter. A lot of website designers stick to a basic outline and will change coloring and if […]

A New Business Direction for GuavaWorks

A lot has changed in the past few months. We have gone through a business name change, rebranding, and now starting on a new business model. GuavaWorks will still honor our clients with the same regard we always have. We treat each client individually, no cookie cutter websites built at GuavaWorks, guaranteed! As we push […]

The Jumping Frog – Web design woes

Working in the web industry you can come across many clients that just so happen to change their mind all to often.  With the huge number of sites on the net with so many different and original designs, it is hard for a client to be able to decide on only one design and stick […]

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