The Truth about website development hours.

I often get asked to do projects based on time it takes to complete. I dislike these projects greatly because the client comes to me trying right off the bat to trick me into getting a better deal. These clients assume that if I give them a fixed rate based on hours estimated, that I will jack up (or pad) the hours costing them more. Let us step back a second and forget the fact that if I was the devious web developer assumed in this scenario, I could still lie when I report my actual hours.

I want to inform people how honest web developers work and quote hours. It isn’t a number we make up randomly and quote you with. We don’t roll a 21 sided die a few times and say “here is your quote”. True web designers and developers take the care into making an accurate assessment. How do we do this? Well there are many hours spent that are NOT quoted for, that we take researching.

The Magical Quoting Process

When someone asks me “Hey Roy, can you do this?” I say “Sure, but to be more accurate in your quote, let me do some research and get back to you”. Now you may be mad at me for automatically saying “yes” or “sure” even if I am not 100% confident in building said website, however do you really expect any web developer to have experience doing EVERYTHING to the point that your precise requirements is something they have ALREADY done? Every website is different, and even if they were identical, we live in the technology vigrx user reports age, things change. “State of the Art” one day means “Old and useless” the next. It is no different in coding. Sorry for that tangent.

Anyway… So back to the quoting process. I do research to figure out how to get what you want made. If there is a design involved, I usually turn to my colleagues that do design, like Justin. and see based on the pages needed to be designed, how much he wants in on said project. I am a web developer, while I like making money, I am not a greedy businessman, so for 99.9% of the time, Justin’s quote to me, is what you will get from me, I don’t need to make extra money there. So now I have a good understanding of how long it will take me to build, and a quote for design… and voila! you have a web development quote. You have just received 2-5 hours (at minimum) of a highly skilled web developer’s time.. for free. You Are Welcome.


Sure, why not.

In conclusion. Don’t yell at me for my quotes. They are thought out. If you want to pay me for my time as I work, great.. but 9/10 times you will spend more money because I always underquote myself, and I go above and beyond (ask previous clients).

The truth is.. I’m not here to steal from you, so give me the benefit of the doubt as the expert, and let me do my job. If you want a cheaper quote, find someone who knows less, and will do a much worse job from sake of CARING and knowledge.

Managed by Web Developer Roy Sivan