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WordPress is great CMS (Content Management System) for any website. Its features are endless, the community growing daily, and free and paid plugins, which can make adding functionality to a website a breeze. WordPress started life as a blog-engine, primarily. As WordPress grew, so did its capabilities. Today, we are able to harness the power of WordPress in a new way. Creating WordPress websites that are not blog-driven but content driven with unique features.

Why WordPress?

WordPress Website Design

  • WordPress code allows us to be as creative as we want with your design, creating templates and themes that can do just about anything.
  • WordPress allows for multiple page themes, so each page can look identical to the last, or completely different

WordPress as a CMS

One of our main goals with any WordPress install is NOT to sucker our clients in to contracts for website maintenance & updates, WordPress has a very friendly user interface (UI) CMS, allowing you to login securely and quickly to edit or add pages, posts, and functions. WordPress has stepped out of being just a blog platform, and now a full CMS for many websites. Most of our clientele ask specifically for WordPress as it is now one of the leading open-source CMS solutions available.

WordPress Theme Development

Keeping in line with our main goal to make a website that is easy for our clientele to manage, comes creating custom development. Whether we can find a plugin to match your needs precisely, we need to make alterations to an existing plugin, or we need to custom development a theme management tool, we will find a way to make sure every aspect of your website is easy to manage based on your needs. Whether it is something simple like a photo slideshow, or more complex like a custom e-commerce solution, we will find a way to develop what you need, and make it easily manageable via the wordpress backend.

WordPress as a Shopping Cart

There are many great ways to sell your products online. Whether you have been in business for years or just starting out. WordPress is no exception, using its built in functionality, with a few easy steps we can create a shopping cart enabled store. We can take your existing WordPress website and add a store, or if you are starting from scratch you get the best of both worlds. What better way to manage your products, orders, and customers then by using the simple, intuitive, and friendly WordPress system.

WordPress Plugin Development

Whether you use GuavaWorks to create your WordPress site or not, we understand that sometimes you need an extra bit of functionality. Whether it is a new aspect to the design, or a new feature you want to offer your visitors. GuavaWorks plugin development team can help solve your needs, we can help turn your vision into an easy to manage, custom plugin, manageable via the WordPress dashboard.

WordPress is built for SEO

SEO is always in the back of our mind when building you a website, whether you ask us to or not, our passion for making great Internet friendly websites is what drives us to do this for you. Every wordpress install comes with the proper additions and plugins to make for a great starter website for any SEO campaign. All customized templates are 100% SEO Friendly and built to your design spec.

Why NOT WordPress?

That is the question you should really be asking. If you are looking for a simple website, or if you are looking for a custom build solution, we recommend WordPress as the way to go if possible. WordPress will allow you to go above and beyond any basic website, and achieve most requirements of a custom built web application. While WordPress is not for everyone, we believe it is the choice for the masses.

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